Welcome to iDABZ.net
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Only 420 Dabz, 20% of those foos are airdropped to Weedz and Bongler holders.

Let’s Get Fried
Dabz get a bit more fried each time they are recycled or rerolled. There are three degrees of fried, as seen in figures 1,2, and 3.
420 Burn Event (The Great Sesh):
Every day when it hits 4:20 UTC, we burnin’ 42.0% of the day’s transaction fees. Our daily sesh.

Puff-Pass Mechanism:
Everytime any amount of Dabz™ is hit, sold, or transferred, 4.20% of that transaction gets taxed, and gets kicked back to a random chiefer, or gets put in for the great sesh.

  • Own 1.0 or more Dabz.
  • Stake any amount of Dabz

Cashed Out:
Cashin out? So you’re a lightweight?

Bummer, once you sell all your Dabz you’re not allowed back in the sesh.